1. >> http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/annunziata/the-next-ecco-the-dolphin-adventure-game

    The creator of Ecco the Dolphin launched a kickstarter for a new game!  It sounds like he wants to make a really pretty MMO about cool ocean creatures.  Give him your money if thats a thing you’d play.

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    because why not let’s do one of these but make it actually slightly feasible

    yes plz

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    AVA’S DEMON 2000+ readers!?! Holy crackers!

    I just wanna thank you all for reading my comic!! It really means everything to me, so I’ll be giving away three hand-drawn portraits of you and your favorite character from the comic, signed, with a little note of thanks from me! (mailed, of course, to wherever you reside in the world, international is fine)

    The Rules!:

    • Likes and Reblogs count!
    • You need to be following the Ava’s Demon tumblr
    • Contest ends November 4th 11am PST (1pm EST)!
    • I’ll be doing the drawing through livestream on the 4th with a random number generator and contacting the three winners afterwards :)
    • GOOD LUCK!

    yes plz

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Yes, Rain! To see all Sad Cats comics just use the tag “sad cats” 


    Yes, Rain! 
    To see all Sad Cats comics just use the tag “sad cats” 

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  7. No tumblr.  I’m not fun at parties.

  8. >> Skate the Plank: coelasquid: erikamoen: {UnWinona}: I debated whether or not to share...



    {UnWinona}: I debated whether or not to share this story.




    And then I debated whether or not to put it on Tumblr…but I decided it was important. Because in my own way, I can (unfortunately) point out…

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    i want money not a job

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